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 Special forces LAWS

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PostSubject: Special forces LAWS   Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:29 pm

Under here is the updated rules even though the other ones are still good
this will be updated often

Law:As of right now i do not give a shit about members leaving the clan. =D
Law:March 31 2009 issued that any member double claning is k but sF^ tag comes first any member caught without the tag Or our tag first Will be Kicked from the clan with 1 chance to prove why not to be kicked to me under ban request and appeal bans.
Law:March 31 2009 issued Kicking and banning a member from the clan cannot be affected unless the reporter has evidence .
Law:March 31 2009 Members that are not active and do not go on the voice server will be kicked april 1st
the link to get a voice server is here http://specialforces.darkbb.com/gsc-voice-server-f13/our-voice-server-would-be-nice-if-you-were-active-t50.htm
Law:April 1 2009 Will be mass kicking of clan members leaders order Unloyal un active members will be kicked
* leaders note* i dont care kicking and leaving leaves me with more loyal and mature members =)
Law:april 4 freedom of speech now you can say nigger all you want

More laws will be added later.
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Special forces LAWS
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