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 Taunter! lol

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PostSubject: Taunter! lol   Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:07 pm

This just has odd comebacks i did not make it tho


alias taunt1 "say Put the AWP Down you noob"
alias taunt2 "say Rage Quit and uninstall the game"
alias taunt3 "say I hope an error comes up and blows up your computer"
alias taunt4 "say I kicked your dog"
alias taunt5 "say Your mother"
alias taunt6 "say Go home"
alias taunt7 "say Go cry to your mummy, asswipe"
alias taunt8 "say That's right, i'm teabagging you!"
alias taunt9 "say Look at me, I'm Rick James, bitch!"
alias taunt10 "say So Get on the ball!"

bind F1 "taunt1"
bind F2 "taunt2"
bind F3 "taunt3"
bind F4 "taunt4"
bind F5 "taunt5"
bind F6 "taunt6"
bind F7 "taunt7"
bind F8 "taunt8"
bind F9 "taunt9"
bind F10 "taunt10"

self explanitory
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Taunter! lol
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