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 Bunny hop script ( helping script)

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PostSubject: Bunny hop script ( helping script)   Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:58 pm

Bunny hop script

// BunnyHop Alias's
alias dev1 "developer 1"
alias dev0 "developer 0"
alias spwz "+jump; wait; -jump; wait"
alias spwz1 "+right; spwz; spwz; spwz; spwz; spwz"
alias spwz2 "+left; spwz; spwz; spwz; spwz; spwz"
alias spwz3 "spwz; spwz; spwz; spwz; spwz"

// The BunnyHop
alias mw1 "-moveright; +moveleft; spwz2; -left; spwz3; -moveleft"
alias mw2 "-moveleft; +moveright; spwz1; -right; spwz3; -moveright"

// BunnyHop Switches
bind mwheelup "mw1"
bind mwheeldown "mw2"
Echo Created by blue =)

Happy hopping
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Bunny hop script ( helping script)
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