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 Special forces RULES

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PostSubject: Special forces RULES   Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:38 pm

A lot of hard work has been done to build our Clan into a place where people like to play. We only want people who are willing to play by the rules and keep the Clan fun. People who cause problems for other players and make people feel uneasy will be told to leave. One rude player can ruin it for everyone. This will not be tolerated here, EVER!

These rules have been put into place over many months to make being a member a very positive and fun experience. Without rules, there can be no structure and Special forces would fold like some many other groups do on a regular basis. We intend to be around for a very long time and will adapt to the needs of the Gaming Clan.

To maintain your membership in Special Forces, you MUST follow the below rules:

1. You agree to check your email at least once per week & respond to questions of of other members
2. You agree to follow the rules at all times and in all servers
3. You NEVER cheat! Cheater's will be banned for life & reported to STEAMBANS for a global ban
4. You agree to post problems with our Community's servers and website in our forums
5. You agree to visit the Clan website for important info & updates regularly
6. You agree to maintain your membership by playing games with other members regularly
7. You agree to keep your Clan website account current
8. You agree to respect ALL players at ALL times when wearing our sF^
9. You NEVER use remarks that are inappropriate about someone's race, sex or ethnicity
10. You agree not to acuse people of hacking. Cheaters are to be reported Admins or Managers!
11. You agree not to voice-spam Game Servers or our steam chats
12. You agree not to interupt people in steam conversations when you're not invited!
13. You agree to observe the members status of others & not bother them when they'e busy
14. You agree that if you sign up for a Match Team, you'll show up for practices & matches
15. You're not a "Druggie" and you NEVER brag about drug use while wearing the sF^ tag!
16. You agree to be active in the Clan in some way by donating, chatting, posting and playing games
17. You agree to ALWAYs wear our sF^ Tag

Members of the sF^ Gaming Community are proud of it and want to show others they're proud of it as well. This is why people want to join us, Our members represent the Special forces Gaming Clan not only in our own group meetings servers, but in other servers as well. A member acting in violation of a server's rules makes us all look bad, and as a Clan, we will not stand for this behavior! If you are seeking membership with Special forces Gaming Clan, you must understand this as well.

Unfortunately, even with all that's been said above, violations of our rules sometimes still occur. Violations have consequences!
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Special forces RULES
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